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Technica International

Delivering turnkey solutions amidst a global pandemic


Technica International Offices, Bickfaya Industrial Park, Lebanon

Go Lean and Go Digital

Technica International has been manufacturing automation equipment since 1982. With nearly 40 years of expertise, the Middle Eastern company now focuses on the FMCG, Home care, Personal care, and Petro-lube industries. It has built a reputation on delivering turnkey solutions ranging from complete plants to complete lines and specific tailor-made automation solutions.

As a solution-provider and end-to-end line integrator, Technica International’s expertise lies mainly at the heart of the manufacturing chain which deals with primary and secondary packaging, like empty bottle feeding, packing, appetizing, and truck loading for loose packages. The company has had a lot of success with robotics at the logistics end of the manufacturing line.

During the pandemic, they spotted a local medical sector need for respirators. Accordingly, Technica invented a respirator with the help of experts and institutions in this field.

The company is focused on increasing its efficiency and productivity and set three big goals for 2020: Go Lean, Go Digital and Go Global. Amid the global pandemic, the company has managed to adapt to these circumstances with great success. Technica recently completed a 2-year long assessment across its business to improve workflow. They used this process to identify any gaps it had internally and where teams were not integrating effectively. 

After a thorough analysis, the company realized that it needed to integrate its CAD and PDM system with its ERP system. This was no easy task but with the help of Autodesk software and support expertise, Technica was able to improve its workflow across the business.


Remote work made easy with Autodesk

For most companies around the world, the transition to a remote working environment is a challenging one. Even more so for creative environments like architecture and engineering where close working relationships are key to the success of a project.

As a global firm with teams based far apart, effective remote working is a consistent priority for Technica. Access to the latest data and storage has proved to be a critical factor to ensure the highest quality work possible in a deadline-driven environment.

“The biggest challenge was to store data in one place for easy collaboration between teams,” says Assaad Hani, Business Analyst at Technica International. “With Autodesk’s tools, we were able to maintain collaboration between the teams and ensure everyone was working off the latest data sets.”

Hani adds that Technica International benefited greatly from Autodesk’s Product Design & Manufacturing Collection during the lockdown period. “We were able to use the Shared View feature for collaboration between our teams to great effect, while our engineers were able to work on our 3D models with all the complexities, from home.”


Working on 3D and 2D modules using the Autodesk software

Connectivity issues no longer matter

In some countries where Technica International operates, internet connectivity can be unreliable and slow. With the latest update to the Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection, major modifications have been made to how the software handles large file sizes.

“This is one of the things we loved most about Autodesk software, there’s now an Express Mode that allows quick access to large assemblies,” says Fares Nassif, Mechanical Design Engineer at Technica International.

He adds that to get around the problem before, they used to label their files with a warning; this was not a solution but rather a way of minimizing problems throughout their workflow.

“Autodesk software saves time by handling smooth movement within layouts.” says Nassif, “It is so effective that it takes us half as much time to review projects.”

Project executed at the customer site

Automation further enhances workflow

Considering Technica International’s expertise within electrical engineering and robotics, the company also makes use of Inventor to great effect. According to Eliane Jeitani, Senior Electrical Design Engineer at Technica International, their mechanical engineers save a lot of time on projects because they can now discover issues and interferences before they begin manufacturing.

Jeitani adds that another essential tool in their workflow process is Vault, a version control application through which her team can track the revision of any drawing at any point during a project. Jeitani says it is pivotal in the organizational workflow and makes collaboration much easier within her teams.

“It’s even great to use the available collaboration tool between our mechanical and electrical designs and we are using the Sync tool daily.”

This means that if any component was added from the mechanical side, a notification is generated for the electrical team to action.

“Compared to how we used to do it, with Autodesk’s solution, our work has resulted in far fewer inconsistencies,” says Jeitani. She adds that they have even created their own libraries using the Autodesk Electrical Catalogue.

“It is very easy to work with these tools. Our team now shares the same library and we’re starting to look at automating the generation of the electrical drawing too.” This means they can create templates for projects that allow the engineers to quickly get started and automatically create the drawings as needed.

One of the other major benefits that came with the implementation of Autodesk PDM is the integration with ERP software, adds Hani. “There is a lot of manual work such as generating purchase requests and even drawings. We wanted to close the loop between systems.” 

Hani says they are now working on a solution where the company will have pure integration between Autodesk products and their ERP platform.


Project executed at the customer site

Planning makes perfect

While it sounds like the transition during a pandemic was easy, there was a lot of planning involved to get to this point. “We started about 2 years ago with assessments to improve our workflow. We analysed issues internally and noticed gaps between the design department and other teams within the company,” says Hani.

Technica International identified the need for CAD software with the ability to integrate PDM with their ERP solution. Hani says they started working with Shireen Kurdi, Sr. TSR at Autodesk, and the Technical Sales team who quickly suggested some workable solutions.

“We’re estimating a 70% improvement in workflow once we’ve fully implemented this solution from end-to-end,” says Hani.


Project executed at the customer site

Paying it forward

These improvements really paid off recently when Technica produced a much-needed ventilator prototype in record time.

“Working in collaboration with a local hospital and university, we were able to do a quick mock-up of a ventilator and manufacture the first prototype for government approval,” says Selim Maalouf, Marketing Officer at Technica International

He adds that the collaboration between the biomedical experts and Technica’s engineers were pivotal in the success of this project’s quick execution.

“Of course, the Autodesk software played a huge factor in how our teams managed to produce these prototypes so quickly, even when teams were not working in the same room,” adds Maalouf. “Being able to work quicker with more efficiency has really changed how we are able to do business.”


The Technica International installation team

The bottom line is streamlined

Technica International did not foresee the global pandemic but it did recognize that it needed to adapt its business to the realities of a globally connected workforce. This has paid off hugely as they were able to quickly adapt to the market when the world changed.

With the help of Autodesk software, Technica International’s teams can work in a best-of-both-worlds scenario, giving them the ability to be as flexible as they need to be to deliver projects in record time.

Hear the Technica International Story

Technica’s journey, from its humble beginnings to the multinational business that it is today, is deeply entrenched in the company’s culture to drive innovation. Watch the Industry Spectrum video interview with Technica International’s GM, Tony Haddad to gain more insight into this innovative Middle Eastern business.

When Technica International acquired a range of solutions from Autodesk in 2020, including the Product Design and Manufacturing Collection, it marked the start of the transformation of their business. From 2D to 3D, cutting design time in half and opening a new world of customer collaboration - learn how Technica International realised their ROI through increased productivity and innovation gains.

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