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Inspired by AutoCAD

With millions of users over more than 30 years, AutoCAD is proud to be the software of choice for many of the world’s cutting-edge architects, designers, and engineers. Be inspired, find the right AutoCAD for your needs, explore exciting new features, and learn about the benefits of subscription – all right here.

Get Inspired

  • CAD Innovation Over the Years

    You could say that CAD started with a mistake in a laboratory in 1860s France. Fast-forward to today and the possibilities of CAD are endless. This short, animated video takes you through the history of CAD from blueprints to a virtual design horizon.

  • AutoCAD, Behind the Scenes

    AutoCAD users have a lot to say about the software and our dedicated team of product developers listens! This exclusive video takes you into the hearts and minds of the Autodesk team who use your feedback to improve every release of AutoCAD.



Take a Closer Look

Whether you’re considering AutoCAD for the first time or use it as part of your everyday workflow, we have information specific to you. Check out this special collection of tips, resources, and simplified guidelines to help you get up and running with your AutoCAD product.

  • From IT to Interior Design with AutoCAD

    Discover how one woman left behind her technology career to pursue a lifelong dream of interior design—all thanks to AutoCAD.

  • Webinar: AutoCAD 2018 - Engineered for the Future

    Stay at the forefront of design with AutoCAD 2018. Watch the on-demand webinar, presented by Lynn Allen, to learn about new and improved features in AutoCAD 2018.

  • Firm Adopts 3D to Avoid Second Place

    Civil engineering firm Commonwealth Engineers lost a huge deal—all because they weren’t using 3D. Here’s how they moved to 3D in order to stay competitive.

  • Wagemaker Installs Overpass in Four Days

    A Civil engineering firm in the Netherlands relied on AutoCAD Civil 3D and Revit for the design and visualization of a railroad overpass. After the experience, it’s now always 3D for every project.

  • TDIndustries Puts PDFs to the Test

    Learn how TDIndustries has streamlined their workflow with one of AutoCAD's most exciting and useful features: PDF Import.

  • Designing guitars and a new career with AutoCAD

    Red Layer Guitars founder Jort Heijen found a way to make his lifelong passion a career with AutoCAD.

  • Fuso Co.: Thinking Smart About Water

    Fuso Co.: Thinking Smart About Water

    For over 15 years, Japanese waterworks company Fuso Co. have been using AutoCAD products in every step of their process, helping them achieve their aim of “Thinking smart about water”.

  • Webinar: Design for the future with AutoCAD®, 3D scanning, and ReCap™

    3D scanning technology is quickly becoming more affordable and mainstream. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to bring point cloud data into AutoCAD to accurately measure, create, and document your new designs.

  • Design Time: Watches of Switzerland

    See why a leading architecture firm chose AutoCAD to design one of the world’s largest watch stores. From design firm to elevator manufacturer and other consultants in between, read how this unrivaled emporium came together through the use of AutoCAD.

  • AK Design: Winning Collaboration

    AK Design: Winning Collaboration

    AK Design optimizes collaboration and quality with AutoCAD for its award-winning Autodesk office in Dubai.

  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to AutoCAD Basics

    Where do I start? I can’t remember that command! Sound familiar? This guide provides all the basic commands you need to quickly create 2D drawings in AutoCAD or LT.

  • Top Ways to Customize AutoCAD

    You’ve worked hard to customize your AutoCAD and now a new version comes along and you have to start over, right? Not with these quick and easy tips on customizing your AutoCAD.

  • The Best Of Lynn Allen’s Tips and Tricks

    For over 10 years, popular Autodesk technical evangelist Lynn Allen has issued an annual collection of her favorite tips and tricks in AutoCAD. This year we’ve pulled together the “best of” those tips in an exclusive eBook.

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Compare 2D and 3D AutoCAD products

AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT? Which is better for my 2D drawings? How can I convince my boss to invest in AutoCAD? You’ve got questions, we’ve got the tools and information to help you get answers. See how Autodesk’s most popular products -- AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD 360 – stack up against each other here.

  • Which software to use? Let ROI decide.

    So many software options, and so many costs and benefits. How do you decide? How do you convince management to invest? This insightful article by CAD Industry Expert Robert Green shows you the nuts and bolts of calculating ROI and building a case for your software choice.

  • Compare AutoCAD Releases

    See how the latest release of AutoCAD stacks up against previous releases.

    Compare Releases

    Try the latest AutoCAD

  • Compare AutoCAD LT Releases

    Compare the latest release of AutoCAD LT with previous releases.

    Compare Releases

    Try the latest AutoCAD LT

  • Choosing the right CAD software.

    Trying to identify which CAD software is right for your business? This simple guide shows how AutoCAD compares to competitor products. Plus, get time & money saving tips.

Here’s what you get when you subscribe

Regardless of the size of your business – small, mid-size or enterprise – Autodesk offers the flexibility to choose the subscription options that best fit your business needs.

  1. Flexible term length

    With monthly, quarterly, annual, and multi-year options, you can get exactly the software you need for as long as you need it.

  2. Access to the latest software

    When you subscribe you have instant access to the latest product releases and enhancements.

  3. Software when you need it, where you need it

    Use your software in more places – at home, in the office, or on the road.

  4. Access previous versions

    You can download and use previous releases of most Autodesk software.

  5. Technical Support

    Let us help you resolve issues quickly!

Still not convinced? Read the 5 most common myths about subscription.

Autodesk Digital Conference 2017

Learn about the future of imagining, designing and creating using the next generation technology.


  • Trends and News for CAD Managers

    If you’re a CAD Manager, or interested in up-to-date news and information on topics such as managing software licenses, executing better projects and more, please visit the CAD Manager Center.

  • AutoCAD Blog

    Get AutoCAD news, tips and stories, plus connect with the makers and users of AutoCAD. New information is available constantly.

  • Learn online 24/7 at AU

    Learn from AU experts, hone your skills, and see what’s possible with AutoCAD.

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