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AutoCAD behind the scenes

What do you think of when you open up AutoCAD® and start designing? Do you ever think about the people who actually developed the software? Maybe you wish you could talk to someone about enhancements that would help improve the product. We understand.

What you might not know is that our dedicated team of AutoCAD product developers listens to every bit of your feedback. This video takes you into the hearts and minds of the AutoCAD product development team and their processes, so you can see how your suggestions are turned into reality.

“It’s kind of amazing to walk down the street and see the impact that AutoCAD has had on the world, from the buildings on the street to the street itself to the pipes underneath it. It’s like every layer you peel from the onion you can see another layer of our customers in the infrastructure somewhere.”

—Rob Maguire, Director of the AutoCAD Platform, Autodesk, Inc.

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