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Use an industry-specific toolset for plant design and engineering to create P&IDs and integrate them into a 3D plant design model.

AutoCAD Plant 3D features

  • Cloud-based collaboration

    Share projects and invite others to work collaboratively.

  • Instrumentation support

    Place instrumentation directly from the Instrumentation tool palette, and place in the same way as piping components.

  • Project backups

    Easily create a local backup of your project.

  • Project manager search

    Find project design files faster.

  • Vault improvements

    Better integration with Vault data management software (US Site).

  • Isometric improvements

    Tools improve the representation of skewed lines in piping isometrics.

  • 3D graphics performance improvements

    The toolset makes the most of hardware graphics acceleration for speedier performance.

  • Simplified workflows

    Many project commands are right-clickable in Project Manager. This makes workflows, like editing piping specifications, easier.

  • P&ID painter

    Display lines and components in colors by property value.

  • Spec-driven P&ID’s

    Check for piping specification consistency in P&ID.

  • Off-page connector improvements in P&ID

    Supports data consistency across P&ID for process and instrument lines. 

  • P&ID data validation

    The P&ID and the AutoCAD Plant 3D toolset model are tightly integrated.

More features

P&ID design

  • Quick P&ID drafting

    In-context AutoCAD commands help make P&ID drafting easier.

  • Standard symbol libraries

    Symbol representations are visible in the tool palettes and organized by type. Includes PIP, ISA, JIS, and ISO/DIN.

  • Project standard tag and report formats

    Create and customize tags and labels to meet project standards.

  • Data validation

    Quickly identify possible errors. The tool scans P&IDs for data consistency, according to user-definable rules.

  • Import/export P&ID data

    Use engineering data from Excel to update the P&ID. Use the data updates for output in reports.

  • ISO 15926 standard

    AutoCAD P&ID uses ISO 15926. Read the white paper for more information about this standard.

Orthographic drawing production

  • Parametric equipment modeling

    Parametric equipment definitions help you model more quickly.

  • Structural modeling

    Lay out steel stairs, ladders, and railings using standard steel sections. Includes AISC, CISC, and DIN steel catalogs.

  • Calculate weights and center of gravity

    Locate center of gravity of piping spools of individual piping components and combinations of components.

  • Bills of materials (BOMs)

    Add BOM tables and linked annotations to orthographic drawings. Customize project-specific table formats, as needed.

  • Import Inventor equipment models

    Intelligently integrate simplified Inventor models and connect piping.

  • Fixed-length pipe modeling

    Place pipes quickly and produce detailed material takeoffs. Supports AWWA, BPE, and other piping catalogs.

Piping isometric production

  • Multiport valve

    Include multiport valves in your model.

  • Pulled pipe bends

    Create a single pipe with pulled pipe bends.

  • Isometric reference dimensions

    Display the isometric dimension in the extracted isometric.

  • PCF to pipe

    Create pipes from an isometric PCF file.