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What is 3D CAD software

3D CAD, or three-dimensional computer-aided design, is technology for design and technical documentation, which replaces manual drafting with an automated process. Used by architects, engineers, and other professionals, 3D CAD software precisely represents and visualizes objects using a collection of points in three dimensions on the computer. Autodesk has a broad portfolio of 3D CAD software programs to help people explore and share ideas, visualize concepts, and simulate how designs will perform before they are made.

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How is 3D CAD software used?

  • Staging and rigging company sets new stage during pandemic

    Learn how Simon Denness – a designer and architectural technologist – uses AutoCAD and Revit to impress clients with extremely detailed 2D/3D models, real-time adjustments, and competitive pricing.

    Image courtesy of Simon Denness

  • One Click Metal democratizes metal additive manufacturing

    One Click Metal is an additive manufacturing (US Site) startup developing a low-cost metal 3D printer. Not only did they decide to use Fusion 360 to make their dream and design a reality, they also decided to integrate the machine and its processes into Eagle.

    Image courtesy of One Click Metal

  • How companies help get COVID-19 facilities built in less than 3 weeks

    Two Canadian companies help medical facilities meet surge capacity quickly. Falkbuilt-Sprung partners with Autodesk experts to design and manufacture emergency facilities to help treat the overwhelming surge in COVID-19 cases.

    Image courtesy of Falkbuilt

3D CAD software tutorials


    Get the most out of your AutoCAD with these tutorials, tips, videos, webinars, and free resources.

  • FUSION 360

    Get started with Fusion 360 tutorials, videos, events & webinars on toolpaths, mechanical assemblies, and more.