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A design collaboration solution built for AEC teams

Simply do what you do best: design in Revit, while managing Revit worksharing, collaboration, and data management in BIM 360. Collaborate in real-time on multidiscipline Revit models with anyone, anytime, from anywhere. Eliminate costly delays, maximize your talent pool, and reduce friction from using disparate collaboration solutions.




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Confidently collaborate on Revit models with your extended teams

Connect and collaborate with your teams to design, coordinate, and deliver building projects on time and on budget. Centralize your project data in BIM 360 to reduce IT costs. Better manage user permissions, visualize model progress in a web browser, extend access to non-Revit collaborators, and more.

Boost your BIM ROI by standardizing collaboration on an AEC cloud platform

Gain insights into how BIM is impacting design professionals and how the most profitable firms are extending their Revit investment with the cloud to get ahead.

Accelerate project delivery with BIM 360 Design and BIM 360 Docs

Extend your reach by enabling design collaboration and Revit cloud worksharing on your projects at any time from anywhere. Co-author Revit models with internal collaborators, multi-discipline partners, or distributed teams. Gain new insights and efficiencies by centralizing project data in the cloud.

  • Co-author and markup

    Create, share, and collaboratively review 2D and 3D project data from design to construction and operations.

  • Centralize and control data

    Manage how multidiscipline teams share files and coordinate design progress in a central cloud workspace.

  • Keep teams on time

    Enable transparency and ensure accountability for deadlines and milestones with trackable project activity for all teams.

  • Accurate and up-to-date

    Work from the latest design information in shared folders. View version history and resolve assigned issues.

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