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Keep Your Projects Predictable

With specialized construction management software and Navisworks, you can streamline your reviewing processes and deliver complex projects effortlessly.



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Discover workflows that lead to project success

Keep collaboration easy with intelligent file sharing

Make version control manageable with preconstruction review software. Create accurate, auto-updated 2D views from 3D models, share with your project partners and subcontractors easily in the cloud, and quickly switch between documents to track and compare changes.

All your project information, in one place

Publish, manage and review project details in one centralized home, with mark-up features that allow fast collaboration across disciplines. Straightforward access and permissions settings mean that information stays with the right people, while allowing anytime, anywhere access to relevant users.

Combine everything you need for constructability reviews

Protect your schedules from constructability issues by facilitating preconstruction decisions earlier. Manage multiple files nimbly and even create a single multidisciplinary model that you can use for clash detection or safety reviews.

Reduce delays before you break ground

Lay down your site logistics for smooth set-up so you can communicate your plans easily and avoid costly mistakes on-site. Advanced simulations help you to visualize different phases of the project, whether that’s modeling traffic flow or tracking heavy equipment.

Try the workflows with the products in the AEC Collection and BIM 360

In the AEC Collection, you get access to specialty software for constructability, design intent, and clashes earlier during preconstruction – all for one cost-effective price.

Architectural design and construction software

Software for project documentation management

Civil engineering design and construction documentation

See how others are using Navisworks in connected workflows

Fortis Construction Inc coordinate information between teams

Coordinating information between teams

Fortis Construction Inc of Oregon, USA, implemented BIM workflows across their projects. This enabled them to smoothly hand over information between teams, easily track issues, and subsequently save money from rework.

Balfour Beatty deliver early under pressure

Delivering early under pressure

While building a huge hotel in Texas, USA, Balfour Beatty supplemented 2D tools with BIM workflows, allowing them to start construction before design completion, and meet client demands for quick and cost-effective project delivery.

CannonDesign + NEUF architect(e)s manage clashes across large-scale projects

Managing clashes across large-scale projects

Revit and Navisworks helped the project teams manage a massive amount of data and avoid costly and time-consuming rework to deliver the largest healthcare project in North America, tracking over 150 models and ensuring a safe, constructible outcome.

Manage change with real-time feedback in one data platform

Centrally manage data control and documentation through one cloud-based product, BIM 360 Docs. Streamline collaboration, feedback and decision-making among project teams from design through construction.

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