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Using Civil 3D for Your First BIM Project

What does successful BIM implementation look like for civil engineering? Download our free eGuide to explore how you can begin to bring BIM into your organization.

Discover the power of Civil 3D in the AEC Collection

Infrastructure Design

Enhance planning, design, and delivery of more scalable and sustainable civil infrastructure with a full range of tools.

Building Design

Extend Revit workflows with tools that help you design, visualize, analyze, fabricate and deliver better buildings.



Visually explore project constructability, manage your project cost more effectively and better predict project outcomes.

Connected BIM Workflows with Civil 3D

Explore the five main ways BIM workflows benefit your team, and gain new ideas to test it for yourself with your Civil 3D trial. Extend your trial experience further by discovering the products that work alongside Civil 3D in the AEC Collection.

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